About Us

PHILKRAFT Wellness Corporation is a direct-selling company committed to a singular vision: to provide excellent business opportunities to its sales distributors, marketing premium quality products which promote health and wellness.


Philkraft Wellness Corporation is engaged in marketing fine quality & prestigious home living & wellness products through direct selling in the Philippines.


To firmly establish Philkraft as a company through which its members can overwhelmingly lift up themselves and others and thereby give proper glory to the Maker.

Product Philosophy

Why Direct Selling

Earn what you need. Even if you have a high-grossing salary, you will always need to earn more. Especially for the really important stuff. Your retirement budget has to start getting bigger TODAY, your household should never be without any emergency funds, and healthcare will always be unpredictably costly. Just making ends meet is not the name of the game, nor is it just about being debt-free. Your income from your Philkraft business could be a great supplementary income stream, or your bread and butter. No matter which way you cut it, you have to look into maximizing your earning potential. Having a direct-selling business with Philkraft can do that for you.

Make your downtime productive. It’s a business you can do anytime, anywhere. Do your homework and know your Philkraft products, learn about why it delivers superior quality, and offer it to people you know. With today’s countless ways to get in touch, you can close sales while on commute, lunch breaks or even during your weekend getaways!

You can market it best. Award-winning commercials can’t compete with you! You know what your Philkraft products can do, so YOU are in the best position to know who else needs them. You know your loved ones way better than anyone else, so they will trust only YOU.

Baby steps or gigantic leaps – YOU decide. Do you need to earn a little extra every few weeks, or do you need to seriously supplement your household income? It’s a business venture that you can take on at your own pace, because you don’t need to take on fixed overhead expenses. That’s our part. If you need to improve that cash flow and have been looking to start a business, but highly wary of how sustainably costly it is to take on a traditional business, then a direct-selling business with Philkraft is definitely for you.

Contact Us

Business Name: Philkraft Wellness Corporation
Address: Mteroppolitan Ave., cor. Yague St., Brgy Tejeros Makati City
Office No: +632.899.84.88
Fax No: +632.899.86.32